Welcome to the new website.

No longer does this site have to live on a random page on my personal blog as Misprints Publishing now has it’s very own dedicated site. There are still a few kinks to work out around here but this will be the new home for the imprint moving forward. It’s still just a solo project, I haven’t taken on any other writers or editors to this thing and most likely won’t for a long while.

My second book, Blackp00l, is still a work in progress but should be ready to send to the editors by fall. While The Widow of Redbriar is geared for women who enjoy historical novels, Blackp00l should appeal to a wider audience being a cyberpunk futurist novel. So those of you who aren’t interested in a “girly murder book” please stay tuned!

Finally, a word on Dioxazine and the Patreon. I’ve had a couple people ask about ways to help fund this little writing adventure and Patreon seemed like the best option. Supporters will receive a quarterly little zine called Dioxazine which will have a different theme each season. More info and a special post will follow up on that later.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and feel free to check things out.

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