New Site, New Work

I figured it’s time for the imprint to have it’s own site again. Now that there is more than just Redbriar to post about things need their own place. That also means new work is brewing.

So what’s in the pipeline so far? The last few months have been spent working on some shorter work that I’ve compiled into an online chapbook of sorts: MOSFET Mag. Right now it’s mostly flash fiction and experimental shorts that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Feel free to check them out.

As far as novellas go I think I’m going to leave Redbriar as the stand alone that it was intended to be. Yeah, I could do another little adventure with Mary Ellen and Margaret going back to the states but the endings just never worked out. In the meantime I’ve started early drafts on two other stories: Invisible and The Bakehouse Girl.



Invisible is set in the 1960’s and tells the story of a woman who comes to terms with a rare genetic anomaly that allows her to become invisible at will. The only issue is that while she is cloaked from view the urge to do harm rises. Spanning a month in her life, this story covers her fight to control the problems that she faces both externally and internally with her condition.

The Bakehouse Girl
The Bakehouse Girl

The Bakehouse Girl is set in 1890’s London and follows the murder of a young bakery worker. All signs point to a local group of thugs as the killers until a couple of new detectives uncover something far worse.

That’s what I’ve got as far as new work is concerned, I know the past year has been rough for everyone out there and trying to write and work during a pandemic is a mess. Here’s hoping that as things get better and return to somewhat normal these two books can get finished and in yall’s hands.

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